Improvers Knitting Series: Lesson 2: Cable

The next steps in your knitting journey

About this experience

This is the second session of our Improvers Knitting series which is aimed at beginner knitters (who have already started knitting the basics) or those wishing to return to knitting or anyone who wants to expand their knitting repertoire.

We will focus on knitting the Cable technique to create a cable patterned sampler square which can be used towards making a cushion or blanket.  We will look at how to use a cable needle, how to read written and charted cable pattern and how to achieve correct pattern tension.

Different techniques will be looked at across the improver’s sessions and the different sampler squares knitted can then be collated to make a cushion cover or, if multiple squares are made, a blanket.

About  the 'improvers knitting' series: These are individual classes book all four or just one or two- its up to you!