Decorative Visible Mending Knitwear

About this experience

Explore the art of stylish knitwear repair in our Decorative Visible Mending Workshop. Learn to turn wear and tear into fashion statements with unique mending techniques, combining colour and texture. This hands-on session is perfect for those looking to blend sustainability with style in their knitwear.


You Will Need To Bring:

  • Two sample knitted pieces, approximately 12 to 15cm square, knitted in stocking stitch with smooth DK or worsted weight yarn, ideally in light colours so one can easily see the stitches.  These will be used to practice darning techniques on. You can use machine knitted squares or let us know if you have a problem making or sourcing these.

  • A few scrap yarns of similar weight but contrasting colours to the sample pieces.

  • Medium size darning needle (available to purchase in store if needed).